Asphalt Anchor Screws 300mm

$13.00 (exGST)

Designed and manufactured by The Wheel Stop Co! We have changed the game and replaced the old spikes with these new 300mm Asphalt anchor screws. People who install wheel stops will know the pain of installing those dreaded spikes. We have taken the traditional 150mm anchor screws and doubled them in length making the instillation process quicker and easier.


  • 12mm thick
  • 19mm socket head
  • 300mm long
  • Sold as Individual piece
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Our Asphalt Anchor Screws were first designed by THE WHEEL STOP CO. to make installing wheel stops into asphalt a lot simpler.

The most important thing with this design and unlike normal gravel spikes is that if the Wheel Stops need to be removed you can simply unscrew and simply move or replace the Wheel Stop and you can use the same screw again and agian.

Our Screws are made from a tuff unique metal and are galvanised so they will not rust.

As like a lot of things many of our competitors have tried to copy our screw and could only come up with a Zinc version of our screw.

We stand by our unique design and that is why many people choose our Asphalt Anchor Screws, not only for Wheel Stops but for many other applications that need to be fastened to asphalt or gravel.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 1 × 1 cm