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01 How do I install speed humps?

Firstly position speed humps in desired place and then once they are all placed simply drill a pilot hole using a 10mm or smaller drill bit. Once you have done that remove all speed humps and then using a 15mm drill bit drill down 120mm. Once you have done that clean any excess rubbish and insert nylon plug into the hole and then return speed hump in original position and take screw and washer and insert into hole. Using an Impact wrench with a 17mm socket head simply screw down until screw is completely tight.

02 How do I install wheel stops?

CONCRETE- Position the wheel stop in the desired location and once you have done that using a 12mm drill bit pre drill a hole of 100mm deep. Clean concrete powder with a vacuum ( NO NEED TO TURN OVER WHEEL STOP). Using our special Anchor screws simply place screw in hole and using an Impact wrench with 19mm socket head simply screw straight down.

03 What are the delivery costs?

Delivery costs can be found once you have added an item to your shipping basket. For bulky Items and large quantities please contact our office for an accurate delivery cost.

04 Do I need a licence to do installation?

The answer to this question is NO but we recommend asking us questions if you are unsure about something and you must always wear protective safety gear when using power tools and Installing our products.

05 Do I need council approval if it is my own private property?

You do not need council approval when Installing Car park Safety products on your own land.

07 Can I pick my order up from you instead of delivery?

Yes of course we encourage people to come and pick up products from our office as that way you can save yourself some money on delivery fees.

06 How do I return products?

Please refer to our Shipping & Returns page on this website.

08 I need a data sheet

Please see below a list of our current data sheets: Plastic Wheel Stops

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