The Wheel Stop Co. Melbourne

Why our Australian Made products should be on your radar

The Wheel Stop Co. is a proud Australian-owned company offering a range of Australian Made products. Most of our bollards and wheel stops are made in Melbourne to very high Australian standards, which make them far superior to cheap, imported counterparts.

Here are some good reasons to opt for The Wheel Stop Co.’s Australian Made products:

Better Quality

Our Australian bollards are made with thick solid steel which is sourced from local Australian suppliers. They are also heavier and difficult to unlawfully detach or vandalise.

We specially powder-coat our bollards, rather than paint them. This keeps them looking bright and pristine for years ahead – no need to worry about peeled paint or fading under our harsh Australian sun. The surface will not chip nor scratch easily.

Our concrete wheel stops are precast with premium high-strength concrete, and are reinforced with our proprietary design plastic bar chains within the wheel stop.

We also manufacture purpose-built concrete and asphalt anchor screws, which have a unique thread pattern designed for a secure permanent grip. These facilitate quick installations. 

Support our Australian economy

When you purchase Australian Made bollards and wheel stops from The Wheel Stop Co., you are helping reduce our country’s dependence on overseas manufacturing. Together, we are keeping Australians at work. Your contribution will mean a healthier economy for all Australian residents.


Custom sizing is possible to ensure that your bollards and wheel stops are fit for purpose. Just contact us to discuss your specifications. We supply our bollards with removable caps enabling the bollards to be filled with concrete. 

Reliable stock availability

Waiting for new stock to be shipped in from overseas can result in troublesome delays and unreliable stock control. But with our products being made in Australia, you are assured of constant stock availability. Whenever you need to, you may place your order of any quantity with The Wheel Stop Co., and expect prompt delivery.

Buy with confidence

All The Wheel Stop Co. products adhere fully to Australian Safety Standards AS/NZS 2890.1:2004. We are certified with authentically Australian Made products!

This means that you can rely on our quality. We are always here to promptly fix any issues with our products or installations should they arise.


Support our Australian economy and order now at our online store, or contact us for a bulk order or customisation request.